CAPRESE PLATTER Fresh mozzarella alternated with tomato slices, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, and a Balsamic reduction. Topped with fresh basil. Served with crostini.

TAVERNA-STYLE SPINACH DIP Garlic, spinach, artichokes, feta and cream cheese blended with herbs and topped with toasted breadcrumbs and bacon. Served with pasta chips.

FRIED GREEN BEANS Served with spicy ranch.

MAC AND CHEESE BITES Classic mac and cheese, battered and deep-fried to perfection.

ONION RINGS Served with ranch for dipping.

KAUFHOLD'S WISCONSIN CHEESE CURDS Locally made curds, breaded and deep fried. Served with marinara or ranch dipping sauce.

TAVERNA SAMPLER Choose 3 of these favorites: Wings (Boneless or Traditional)m Cheese Curds, Fried Green Beans, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, or Mac and Cheese Bites.

FIERNY FRIES Tasty fries topped with melted cheese, sour cream and bacon. Ferny's favorite!

CHICKEN WINGS Boneless or Traditional wings served naked or hand tossed in Sweet Chili, Thai Peanut, Buffalo, BBQ or Honey Mustard sauce.

TAVERNA NACHOS Tortilla chips with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, topped with crumbled Italian sausage, chopped red onion, banana peppers, black olives, alfredo sauce, and a touch of fresh basil.  Served pan styles with salsa and sour cream.

SWEET POTATO FRIES Served with spicy ranch.


Take our soups home with you. A variety can always be found in our Deli Freezer.

Soup Created fresh in-house. Selections change often. Add garlic toast for an additional charge.


Dressings: House Balsamic Vinaigrette, Light Italian, French, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Spicy Ranch, Poppy Seed, and Honey Mustard.

Add garlic toast for an additional charge.

Add chicken or salmon for an additional charge.

HOUSE SALAD Romaine, tomato, red onion, cabbage, carrots, and croutons.

BROCCOLI CHOP SALAD Chopped red and green cabbage, carrots, broccoli, crispy bacon, craisins, and cheddar cheese tossed in a poppy seed dressing and served on a bed of lettuce.

YOGA BOWL Spinach, romaine, roasted sweet potato, feta, bacon, sliced almonds, with a balsamic drizzle.

CHEF'S SALAD Romaine, red onion, tomato, hardboiled egg, cheddar cheese, ham, and turkey.

CLASSIC STYLE CAESAR SALAD Romaine tossed with Caesar dressing, parmesan, and croutons.



Includes garlic toast.

Substitute gluten-free pasta for an additional charge.

BAKED CHEESY ALFREDO Penne and lots of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, in our Alfredo sauce. Add bacon or chicken.

LASAGNE A family recipe for over 60 years. Pasta sheets layered with seasoned ricotta, parmesan, and meat sauce. Topped with melted mozzarella.

PENNE AND MEATBALLS Penne with marinara, meatballs, and parmesan.




All burgers and sandwiches come with your choice of fries or kettle chips. Kaiser Roll or Marbled Rye.

Substitute a cup of soup, sweet potato fries, onion rings, side salad,  or a broccoli chop salad for an additional charge.

*Sandwiches can be undercooked. Whether dining out or preparing food at home, consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Some of our dishes contain nuts. Our kitchen staff is happy to make every attempt to accommodate your dietary needs and preferences.

HOMEMADE ITALIAN BEEF Thinly sliced roast beef simmered with green and red peppers and herbs. Served on toasted french bread.

COLORADO CHICKEN SANDWICH Grilled or breaded chicken breast with melted cheddar, hickory smoked bacon, pepperoncini, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce, and sour cream.

CHICKEN PARMESAN SANDWICH Grilled or breaded chicken breast with melted parmesan and red sauce on a kaiser roll.

GREEK BURGER Angus beef topped with tzatziki sauce, kalamata olives, feta, Greek seasoning, lettuce, and tomato.

HAMBURGER* Angus beef with lettuce and tomato.  Add Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella for an additional charge.

MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER* Angus beef with lettuce, tomato, swiss, and sauteed mushrooms.

TAVERNA BURGER Angus beef topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, and red sauce.



Our flatbreads are made from scratch, quality takes time. Please, no substitutions on specialty flatbread pizzas.

Substitute a wheat crust. We offer a gluten-free crust for an additional charge.

Add-Ons (additional charges apply) Mushrooms, banana peppers, red onion, tomato, black or green olives, spinach, roasted garlic, red peppers, pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage,  fresh basil, feta, extra mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, chicken.

MARGHERITA FLATBREAD Light base of olive oil, salt & pepper. Topped with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, and basil.

THAI CHICKEN FLATBREAD Spicy peanut sauce, mozzarella, red bell peppers, grilled chicken, and red onion topped with basil.

MEAT LOVER'S FLATBREAD Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, crumbled Italian sausage and bacon.

FITELITE FLATBREAD A Trainer's delight, our own whole wheat crust topped with pesto, feta cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, red onion, and red pepper.

CHEESE FLATBREAD Red sauce and mozzarella.

GREEKFLATBREAD Pesto, feta, green and kalamata olives topped with tzatziki.

CHICKEN ALFREDO FLATBREAD Alfredo, mozzarella, chicken, broccoli, onion and red pepper.

BUFFALO CHICKEN FLATBREAD Buffalo sauce, mozzarella, chicken, onion, and bleu cheese.

PHILLY FLATBREAD Cheese sauce, Italian beef, sauteed red and green pepper, caramelized onion, and mozzarella.

PEPPERONI FLATBREAD Red sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni.














SUNDAE Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel syrup. Finished with a cherry on top.

TAVERNA TIRAMISU Lady fingers soaked in espresso, coffee liqueur and rum, layered with mascarpone cheese, and whipped cream. Drizzled with chocolate.

DESSERT OF THE MOMENT Always something a little special. Ask your server about today's offering.

ITALIAN CANNOLI Crispy pastry stuffed with whipped ricotta, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate.